Evil Dead Rise Budget And Box Office Collection 2023

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Prepare to be terrified and thrilled as “Evil Dead Rise” takes you on a spine-chilling journey into the supernatural, Let’s discuss Evil Dead Rise Budget And Box Office Collection.

Released in 2023, this American supernatural horror film, written and directed by the talented Lee Cronin, marks the fifth installment in the iconic Evil Dead franchise.

With production overseen by Rob Tapert, the movie has become a groundbreaking success, backed by Warner Bros. Pictures and distributed to horror fans worldwide.

A Franchise Resurrected

“Evil Dead Rise” breathes new life into the beloved franchise, delivering fresh scares and an adrenaline-pumping narrative.

Guided by the vision of Lee Cronin, known for his mastery of suspense-building and atmospheric horror, the film stands as a testament to the genre’s evolution over the years.

Evil Dead Rise budget and box office collection

Here are the details of Evil Dead Rise’s budget and its box office collection worldwide.

Evil Dead Rise Budget

In an era of blockbuster budgets, “Evil Dead Rise” proves that innovation and creativity can outshine extravagant spending. Made within the range of $15-19 million, the film defies expectations by surpassing even its higher-budget counterparts.

This is a testament to the power of storytelling and skilled direction, as it manages to grip audiences’ hearts and minds without relying solely on spectacle.

Evil Dead Rise Domestic Box Office Collection

With a worldwide box office collection of $146.3 million, “Evil Dead Rise” has emerged as a towering success story. In the United States and Canada alone, the film raked in an impressive $67.2 million.

This triumphant reception signifies not only a financial achievement but also the fervent dedication of horror enthusiasts who eagerly sought out the latest installment in the franchise.

Breaking Records

“Evil Dead Rise” has made history by becoming the highest-grossing film in the Evil Dead franchise. Its financial accomplishments have outshone its predecessors, solidifying its place as a modern horror classic.

This monumental achievement is a nod to the brilliance of the creative team and their ability to tap into the essence of fear that captivates audiences.

Evil Dead Rise Global Box Office Collection

Beyond domestic borders, “Evil Dead Rise” spread its terror across the globe. Its worldwide collection soared past $100 million, a milestone shared by only a select few horror films.

Among them, “Evil Dead Rise” stands proudly, carving its name among the best of the genre in 2023.

An Ode to Fear

In a world where horror often relies on shock value, “Evil Dead Rise” demonstrates that true horror lies in the uncharted corners of our imagination.

With its calculated storytelling and spine-tingling visuals, the film not only pays homage to the legacy of Evil Dead but also sets a new standard for the genre’s future.

A Frightening Future

As “Evil Dead Rise” continues to captivate audiences and critics alike, it promises a terrifying future for the franchise. With its legacy firmly cemented, fans can eagerly anticipate more nightmares brought to life by the brilliant minds behind the Evil Dead series.


In the realm of horror, “Evil Dead Rise” has carved its own chilling niche. With a modest budget and an insurmountable passion for the craft, it has risen as a true champion in the annals of supernatural cinema.

As you brace yourself for the bone-chilling experience that “Evil Dead Rise” offers, remember that true terror knows no bounds, and it lives on, lurking just beneath the surface. We hope you get your answer to Evil Dead Rise Budget And Box Office Collection in this article.

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