Mini Bomb Ullu Web Series Review

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The Mini Bomb is a Hindi Ullu web series launched on March 15, 2022, and one of the famous web series because of its romantic and comedy category. Let us discuss all the details about the Mini Bomb web series.

TitleMini Bomb
Release dateMarch 15, 2022
DirectorPravin Raja Karale
ProducersUllu Originals
CastApoorva Arora (Mini), Anshuman Malhotra (Vihaan), Tanya sharma (Alisha), Alka Kaushal (Koushalya), Tushar Khair (Pandya), Keyuri Shaha (Vedika)
Episodes5 episodes
ReviewIt’s a good web series to invest time in.

The Plot of The Mini Bomb Ullu Web Series

The story Mini Web is about the life of a young girl called Mini, the girl lies about her love life and then the problem gets started.

Mini lies frequently to protect herself from life’s tiny hassles; one such lie leads her mother to believe that Mini is a homosexual.

Despite being in love with a man, she agrees to the lie when confronted by her mother. This time, she didn’t realize that her deception would completely upend her life.

The web series investigates a romance between two girls, which is accepted in the modern era.

The online series focuses on Mini’s response to her mother’s suspicions about her friendship with her best friend. Mini keeps in touch with all of her friends throughout the web series.

Watch the web series here.

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