Sultan Ullu Web Series Review

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Details Of Sultan Ullu Web Series

Here are the complete details of the Sultan Ullu Web Series.

Release dateOctober 18, 2022
DirectorSanjay Amar & Yogesh Ojha
ProducersUllu Originals
CastManraj Singh (Deepu), Shiny Dixit (binni), Shakti Singh (Pradhan), Hetal Yadav (Kamlavti), Shiwani Gossain (Sarbati), Yujvendra Singh (Kamlesh), Ashutosh Singh (Genda singh)
Episodes5 Episodes
Duration Of Episode20-30 per Episode
ReviewWorth to watch

The Plot of Sultan Ullu Web Series

Sultan, a celebrity buffalo who is the talk of the town and adored by his family for his amazing virility, is the subject of the Ullu Web Series Sultan.

Sultan, though, is detested by one person. The narrative chronicles the Sultan’s travels and the conflicts that result from this animosity.

In the community where the web series is based, no woman can have children with her husband. The village’s entire female population turns to Sultan, a boy, for assistance.

Sultan gains notoriety in the village for his prowess in bed. Deepu, a character, nevertheless, has a very negative opinion of the Sultan and his family.

The web series investigates the character connections as well as the dynamics of the town. It explores topics like love, desire, and the complexity of emotional reactions in people.

The novel also has a married woman who develops feelings for and befriends her neighbor in order to help him realize his aspirations. This friendship causes huge changes in both of their lives.

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